Healthcare Policy

Impact of health policy on healthcare systems


My motivation for working in healthcare decision problems arises from and will be supported the establishment of the new U.S. healthcare system. I am particularly interested in healthcare policy and how hospitals and clinics adapt their operational policies and procedures in response to the new patient-centered health focus established by the A ffordable Care Act. I intend to develop CAREER and NIH New Investigator proposals around this topic that use stochastic programming and multi-method simulation modeling. The uncertainty in patient recovery rates and future health policies, and the high variability of post-acute care costs provide rich opportunities for my research.


I have most recently studied how the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP) impacts health policy and the behavior of hospitals and post-acute care facilities. My initial work in this area has been a collaboration on the development and analysis of a Hospital-Insurer game theoretic penalty-incentive model to reduce hospital readmissions. I am now studying the impact of HRRP and other health policies on the flow of patients to post-acute care facilities.

Michelle Alvarado, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Industrial and Systems Engineering
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